Die Hard 5 – Making It Hard To Die Feature Length Documentary

Client: 20th Century Fox
Director: Simon Firsht
Producer: Simon Firsht
Credit: Producer / Director / DP / Camera

I produced, shot and directed an hour-and-a-half feature documentary on Die Hard 5 “A Good Day To Die Hard” called ‘Making It Hard To Die’ for 20th Century Fox which has grossed more than $310 million worldwide. This feature documentary entailed almost five months of location shooting in Budapest and Moscow, along with six months of shooting and post-production work in Los Angeles.

I shot for over 100 days with 3 cameras on every setup (placing extra camera’s where I could) and arrived into my edit with over 280 days worth of footage, and at the time made this ‘behind the scenes’ documentary totally different to anything ever seen before!!

A massive thank you goes out to: John Moore, Peter Nerveka, Jonathan Sela and all the cast & crew of  ‘Die Hard 5’ for all their help making this massive documentary all possible.