Hi and thank you for visiting my website.

I have been working in the film and television industry for the
past 19 years and I would now like to think I’m a well established Director, DP & Steadicam Operator within the industry. I’ve been operating my own Steadicam rig for the last 7 years and my shooting kit includes: a Sony F55 RAW 4K camera, a Sony EX3, a full ‘Archer2’ Steadicam rig, a Preston Cinema remote focus system, an extensive interview lighting kit, and a fully digital location sound kit. (a full kit list is available on request)

Having worked his way up through the ranks I’ve now worked on over thirty feature films and in 2012 completed my first major feature length film for 20th Century Fox, directing, producing and shooting “Making it Hard to Die ” A 90min feature that ran alongside the feature film “Die Hard 5 ” “A Good Day to Die Hard ” which was released in 2013.

Some of my recent work includes, directing & producing 2 pilot shows for the AMC Channel  called “Motana Blue Gold” and also DP’ing on feature films “What Lola Wants” and “Hockney” and I’ve just completed work on “IT”  with Peirce Brosnan, directed by John Moore and being released 2016.

I’ve also been directing & shooting a new cookery show called “Farm to Table” and a long term project called “Desert Ville”

Over the last few years I have also shot numerous commercials, short films and directed, lit and shot countless music videos and main stream documentaries for the BFI, BBC Arts, CH4 and BBC television both in the US and the UK.

“I hope the following videos & images mean as much to you as they do to me”


Simon. x

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